Infertility Treatments 

Infertility treatments bring a cycle of hope and despair all at once.

You feel alone. Seeing pregnant women and babies is physically painful. You’re having more conflict with your partner. Friends try to understand, but sometimes they just don’t get it.  You may even feel like your body is betraying you.

I have helped many women and men through to the other side of the challenging experience of fertility treatments. I know that what you’re going through is normal, and can help you through to the other side.

You don’t have to go through this alone. Therapy with me can help you

  • Reconnect with your partner, and give you tools to lean on each other during this journey.
  • Work through your feelings of despair and feel more resilient.
  • Make decisions about treatment that are right for you, based on your needs and what matters most to you.
  • Stop judging yourself or your body.

You don’t have to go through this alone. Call me today at (415) 262-0232 to set up a free 15 minute phone consultation. We will talk about what you’re going through and how I can help.