About Joan

Joan Collins, LCSWI am a facilitator and guide, helping my clients explore their inner lives, their observations, behavior and relationships. Together we bring clarity to your concerns, making sense of your struggles in a new way. I am often told by clients and friends that I have a calm manner that puts them at ease. Clients have mentioned that they like the balance I offer of listening and responding. A lot of the healing and growing that happens in therapy is about the connection with another person.

While I have extensive training and education, the way that I work with people has always been a part of me. I have always been drawn to people’s stories and histories whether in the comfort of my therapy office, at the kitchen table of a caregiving spouse, or at the bedside of a hospice patient. It may have started as a quiet child in a large family sitting around the table listening to the adults talking amongst themselves. I was like a sponge soaking up their stories, opinions, and memories. That may have formed my tendency to see all points of view.

Couples Therapy
: I love working with couples. The dynamic between them is full and rich and reveals a lot to work with. I help couples experience more intimacy and support from each other. I help create the opportunity for each to be heard and validated in an enviornment where they feel trusting enough to let down their barriers  To create more intimacy and support, the barriers created by defensiveness and an absense of validation need to be put aside.

Education: Master degree in Social Work from University of California, Berkeley 1985

Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 1991

Additional Training & Experience: Couples Therapy, Grief Support, Anxiety and Depression, Elder Care & Caregiving, Psychiatry

Professional Activities and Memberships; Professional Member of Resolve of Northern California

I live in San Francisco with my husband. I have two children, 18 and 26 years old. I became a mom through birth and adoption.

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